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Why MY Children Got Autism?


Parents who have children with autism are often overshadowed by the ongoing question 'why should my child?'. Although many possibilities of a child affected by autism, but many parents do not accept autistic children suffer.

"Some parents continue to seek out answers to these questions by looking for lots of information, but they still do not accept children affected with autism," said Patricia Robinson, a therapist with ADHD, autism and Asperger's syndrome, as reported by CNN, Monday (8/2/2010) .

Maria Collazo from New Jersey, the parents of a child 5 years old autistic son suspected in trouble after he took it and said the word at the age of 1 year.

After knowing that his son had autism, she immediately made browsing the Internet, go to the library, ordering books and spent many hours on autism.

He began to think, if jobs are for hours at the office, the use of Blackberry or radiation during pregnancy to check the child with her autistic condition.

"I asked a lot of things to myself. Did I eat something that is not supposed to? Will I get exposure to harmful substances during pregnancy? I keep asking but I still do not know the answer. It was like there was something that made this mind kept asking," said Maria .

According to Dr. Judith Miles, professor of pediatrics and pathology, is very reasonable and humane, if someone wants to know why something that could happen. But many ask themselves let alone blame themselves can make a person depressed.

"They keep finding out and looking back. They also continued to blame themselves, lest the habit during pregnancy is the cause. And there is no strong evidence to show it," said Dr Judith.

Maybe I should not do that, maybe I should not live in the area, mungkn I should not eat organic food, or perhaps I should have more vitamins, are statements that are often occurred in the minds of parents.

Dr Judith who was director of the biomedical Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the University of Missouri said, that parents should be able to receive children who have been born into the world of any condition without the need to force myself to know the exact cause.

"Many parents woke up and went to find out the answer to the puzzle that do not need them to find out. Just accept it gracefully get rid of questions that continue to haunt them," said Dr Judith.

Autism is a symptom that arises due to neurological disorder in a person's brain. Suspected autism occurs because the bridge that connects the right brain and left brain problems or obstructed.

Until now there has been no single cause that would lead to autistic children. However, genetic factors, environmental exposure to mercury or heavy metals, pesticides or antibiotics are suspected as the cause excess.


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