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Why MY Children Got Autism?


Parents who have children with autism are often overshadowed by the ongoing question 'why should my child?'. Although many possibilities of a child affected by autism, but many parents do not accept autistic children suffer.

"Some parents continue to seek out answers to these questions by looking for lots of information, but they still do not accept children affected with autism," said Patricia Robinson, a therapist with ADHD, autism and Asperger's syndrome, as reported by CNN, Monday (8/2/2010) .

Maria Collazo from New Jersey, the parents of a child 5 years old autistic son suspected in trouble after he took it and said the word at the age of 1 year.

After knowing that his son had autism, she immediately made browsing the Internet, go to the library, ordering books and spent many hours on autism.

He began to think, if jobs are for hours at the office, the use of Blackberry or radiation during pregnancy to check the child with her autistic condition.

"I asked a lot of things to myself. Did I eat something that is not supposed to? Will I get exposure to harmful substances during pregnancy? I keep asking but I still do not know the answer. It was like there was something that made this mind kept asking," said Maria .

According to Dr. Judith Miles, professor of pediatrics and pathology, is very reasonable and humane, if someone wants to know why something that could happen. But many ask themselves let alone blame themselves can make a person depressed.

"They keep finding out and looking back. They also continued to blame themselves, lest the habit during pregnancy is the cause. And there is no strong evidence to show it," said Dr Judith.

Maybe I should not do that, maybe I should not live in the area, mungkn I should not eat organic food, or perhaps I should have more vitamins, are statements that are often occurred in the minds of parents.

Dr Judith who was director of the biomedical Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the University of Missouri said, that parents should be able to receive children who have been born into the world of any condition without the need to force myself to know the exact cause.

"Many parents woke up and went to find out the answer to the puzzle that do not need them to find out. Just accept it gracefully get rid of questions that continue to haunt them," said Dr Judith.

Autism is a symptom that arises due to neurological disorder in a person's brain. Suspected autism occurs because the bridge that connects the right brain and left brain problems or obstructed.

Until now there has been no single cause that would lead to autistic children. However, genetic factors, environmental exposure to mercury or heavy metals, pesticides or antibiotics are suspected as the cause excess.

3 Ways to Prevent Child Obesity


Parents must feel worried if their children too much weight. But the child obesity can be prevented by doing three healthy habits in the family.

Based on the results of a study there are three custom combinations can be associated with a lower risk of obesity in children, which made dinner together, make sure children get enough sleep and limit the number of children watching television.

The study involved 8550 children aged 4 years from several states in the United States. Found children who eat dinner with families at least five times a week, get hours of sleep at least 10 hours and watch television less than 2 hours a day, have a risk of 40 per cent less for a child obesity than children who do not do those three things.

It is estimated that only 1 in 7 children who apply these 3 are obese, compared with 1 in 4 children who did not apply this experience obesity. The results of this study have been published in the journal Pediatrics.

If the family can not do those three things, there's nothing wrong to apply one of them. Because the study also found a decrease in the risk of obesity by 25 percent if doing one of these routines.

"We found an independent effect from each of these activities. But doing all three will give better results, because it can reduce the risk of greater obesity," said study leader Sarah Anderson, a PhD from Ohio State University, as quoted by AP, Tuesday (9/2/2010).

By doing dinner with the family, so parents can monitor what foods consumed by children. If your child getting enough sleep will prevent the child megonsumsi snacks at night and reduce television viewing would make the child do physical activities more.

No harm in applying this third in a family activity that children do not become obese and avoid the risk factors for several chronic diseases later on.

Women's Brain Respond More Slowly on Laugh


California, woman's brain are longer to be able to laugh more than men spontaneously. Researchers have found the reason why women need some time to finally get laughed out loud.
So do not be surprised if a man gives the woman a joke, but the woman was not immediately laughed. Not because the joke is not interesting but because women take longer to get a laugh than men.
Studies show that older women laughed because his brain longer to process things sharply. In their study, researchers conducted brain scans to find differences between male and female brains when given a joke. Researchers want to know the time it takes for men and women to be able to laugh after hearing these jokes.
A cartoon show participants as shown in the benchmark rate jokes. During the movie, the participants' brains are monitored using a brain scanning device. The more brain cells are active during these movies, it means the joke is interesting.
Brain scan results showed, more women using certain parts of the brain than men, especially the front cortex that serves as a place to process language and thought. It causes women need more time to think and think something is funny or not.
In addition to differences in brain activity, she also reportedly had a level of expectation or hope of a low jokes. Unlike a man who was considered a joke is interesting from the beginning.
"Women and men have the distinct nucleus accumbens in the brain. This will affect a person's thoughts to the joke. In women, the nucleus accumbens was larger, which means the longer the joke will be processed in the brain," said Professor Allan Reiss of Stanford University, California, as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday (2/2/2010).
Although older women react to a joke, but researchers say that women are actually much faster to find a point of humor than men. The results of the study also reported that men and women use humor for two different purposes.
"Men prefer to use humor to criticize or dominate each other, while women tend to use humor to maintain a good relationship and keep well," said Prof Alan.

Excess Soda Consumption trigger Pancreatic Cancer


Consumption of excessive soda is not good for health. A recent study showed people who drink soda 2 or more times a week had a risk of pancreatic cancer.
Researchers reveal the cause of the increased risk of pancreatic cancer in people who frequent soda consumption is due to the high sugar content. Analysis of data collected from 60,524 adults showed people who drink two or more soft drinks with high sugar levels in a week, a greater risk of pancreatic cancer than those who rarely consume sodas.
But researchers found no relationship between drinking juice with pancreatic cancer. This is because the sugar content of juice contained in the registration does not drink soda. Known in 20 grams of soda contains sugar levels as much as 65 grams.
This study is the first time conducted in Asia to see the contribution from soft drinks to pancreatic cancer. This is done because the lifestyle of Asians tend to have similar now with the Europeans and Americans.
Participants involved in this study ate two or more soft drinks per week. It also visits other factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, high-calorie food consumption and physical activity. The findings of this study is adjusted with other factors associated with pancreatic cancer is the consumption of red meat.
"It was another adjustment does not alter the relationship between soft drinks and the risk of pancreatic cancer. That's why we think the sugar in soft drinks as the culprit," said Mark Pereira of the University of Minnesota's department of epidemiology and public health, as quoted by AFP, Tuesday (9 / 2 / 2010).
Soft drinks himself has played a role against the development of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels) and hiperinsulemia (insulin levels in the blood exceeds the normal amount). Insulin is produced by the pancreas to help regulate blood sugar levels. High sugar content in soda affects insulin levels, so the researchers think it led to the growth of pancreatic cells that are not normal.
Pancreatic cancer is one fatal cancer for adults, by 5 percent of patients with pancreatic cancer can not survive more than 5 years after diagnosis.
Because it could not hurt to reduce consumption of carbonated beverages, because already many studies showing the dangers of consuming carbonated drinks too much.

Stress Difference between Men and Women


man woman stres
Stress can happen to anyone, both men and women. But men and women have factors of different stressors. Who is more stress, male or female? And who is more plump after stress, male or female?

One study reported that most women will stress the problems with the financial, social and personal relationships, family and work pressures.

In contrast to women, men more stress and gain weight due to two factors that both originated from the problem of employment, when they could not make a decision and therefore can not learn a new skill.

In terms of weight gain, women and men differ much when confronted with stressful situations. Researchers found that women will gain weight than men.

Studies conducted by Harvard's School of Public Health and published in The American Journal of Epidemiology that, as quoted Friday (21/8/2009) involving 1355 men and women in the United States and performed for about 9 years.

Suspected researchers, women consume more food or snacks and also alone and crying when under stress so that patterns become irregular eating.

While men spend more with his friends or playing music when under stress, although there is also a run on the food as did the women.

To eliminate stress, the researchers also suggest that taking steps stress-reducing body weight while reducing patient stress.

1. Be careful and avoid as much as possible all the factors causing stress
2. Try to exercise as a form of stress
3. Perform regular breathing exercises, meditation or yoga
4. Eat balanced and nutritious
5. Enough sleep, at least 7 hours a night
6. Find a therapist, psychologist, nutritionist or a consulting or if you have serious problems with weight and stress
7. Drink a multivitamin every day to strengthen stamina and overcome stress, especially that many contain antioxidants

How about yourselves ? Have ways of removing stress?

Exposed by Cigarette Smoke When Pregnant Can Make Sudden Infant Death


Mothers who smoke or are often exposed to cigarette smoke exposure during pregnancy can cause the baby's blood pressure becomes abnormal. Abnormal blood pressure cause of sudden infant death.

The team of researchers from Sweden's Karolinksa Institute found exposure to cigarette smoke during pregnancy can cause the baby's blood pressure becomes abnormal even until the child grew up.

Abnormal blood pressure makes the heart to pump faster and harder. Studies have shown damage to the circulation may be a risk factor in sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Dr Gary Cohen and his team analyzed 36 newborns, 17 of them born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy. When babies are frequently exposed to smoke are examined, suggesting an abnormality in heart rate and blood pressure. This situation worsened during the first year of life.

"Usually when someone is standing heart rate increases and blood vessels tighten. In infants of mothers who smoke, the problem occurs continuously from birth until the first 1 year and get worse from time to time," said Dr. Cohen, as quoted by BBC News , Wednesday (27/1/2010).

Dr. Cohen added for some time been aware of the cardiovascular effects in cases of sudden infant death. And this probably explains why this could happen. Exposed to smoke early in life to make blood pressure control mechanisms disrupted.

"His influence not only on your breathing babies, but also the control of blood pressure and heart rate," says Dr. Cohen.

"The results of this study is reasonable. Sudden infant deaths could be avoided by not let anyone smoke in the same room with the baby. In addition a third of sudden infant deaths could be avoided if the mother did not smoke during pregnancy," said Professor George Haycock, advisor of Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths

10 Most Dirty Things Frequently Held


Without realizing it, many things around us that have the potential to nest where the migration of bacteria and viruses, bacteria and disease. Among all the objects that are often held, there are at least 10 objects are quite dirty  that risk the health although looks clean.

As quoted from the Health, Tuesday (2/2/2010), the following 10 most filthy thing that is often encountered in daily life.

1. Money
everyone likes money, but surely no one would have liked with the bacteria in it. According to Dr. Darlington of the Health Commissioner of New York, there are about 135,000 bacteria on the money, especially paper money.

2. Switch
Usually the last or first entry in the room is the most frequent contact with the light switch. Bacteria love to live in the area that many people touched by it. According sanitation experts, in every inch of the lamp is about 217 bacteria that can move from tangank e hand.

3. Computer keyboard
A study in England had mentioned that there are bacteria in the computer keyboard more than the existing bacteria in the toilet. To that should be routinely cleaned the keyboard with a special instrument or keyboard cleaner can also use a damp cloth.

4. Mobile / phone
The phone is the stuff that can not be separated from everyday life. As a result it can not be separated, then the phone become a favorite place for thousands of bacteria to settle. Bacteria like to stick to the phone because the temperature is warm and suitable for its growth. To avoid this, there are now anti-microbial coating for mobile phones that can protect from bacteria and reduce the risk of bacteria clinging to your face and hands.

5. Toilet seat
Although clean and sleek look, but the surface of the toilet seat is made of porcelain great potential as a place of migration of viruses, bacteria and certain diseases. Statistics show there are 295 bacteria in every inch of the surface of the toilet seat.

6. Shopping cart
Shopping using shopping kerete it was easier and fun, but according to researchers from the University of Arizona, shopping cart contains bacteria, saliva, and materials other more disgusting than escalators, public phones and even public bathrooms.

7. Remote control
How often do you spill food on the remote control and do not clean it? Through the remote control, bacteria MRSA, SARS and other bacteria can enter the body. Do not let the remote control becomes a threat when you're busy watching TV.

8. Bath tub
The tub is part of the house that is often forgotten. When there is someone in the family affected by staphylococcus infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, septicemia or skin diseases, only to realize that the tub is a nest of bacteria.

Believe it or not, bacteria are washed in the bathtub is more dangerous than the bacteria in the toilet bowl. Cleaning the bath once a week can reduce the risks of unwanted diseases.

9. Kitchen sink
The kitchen is the dirtiest place among all the other parts of the house, let alone the sink. There are about 500,000 bacteria found on every inch of the sink. To overcome this problem, try cleaning the sink with a half cup of baking soda and half cup of vinegar. After that, do not forget to flush with water to get the sink clean and hygienic.

10. Sponge to wash
Tools for washing dishes is a very convenient item to be a place for bekteri development has high humidity and the pores are small. One way to eliminate bacteria from these items is by heating in a microwave for 60 seconds.

This discovery certainly not to scare people but simply to remind the importance of good personal hygiene including small things we often take for granted.

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